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Cipriano de Rore

J. A. Owens, K. Schiltz (eds.)

« Épitome musical », 2016


Collection of essays on the life and works of Cipriano de Rore In 1586 the poet Jean Mégnier described Cipriano de Rore as ‘inventif’, a composer who searched out ‘nouveaux accords’. The essays in this volume flesh out various ways in which Mégnier’s characterization rings true. One group of essays deals with de Rore’s biography and strategies of patronage from his early years in Italy to the end of his life. A second is concerned with sources and repertoire, ranging widely across genres. A third presents a series of new analytical approaches to Cipriano’s music. The volume concludes by considering his reputation through the lens of music historiography. To mark the 500th anniversary of his birth (1515 or 1516), we offer these new perspectives on the life and music of this major figure in Renaissance music.