Gothic edifices in France, and yet relatively little is currently known about the rituals and rich musical life that characterized them. Contingent upon the resources at their disposal, the canons responsible for the daily execution of the mass and office assured that talented singers were employed during the celebration of the ceremonial in a manner which honoured the founders of these institutions and the relics they housed, and in a manner corresponding to the beauty of the buildings. Preliminary research has already confirmed that great attention was accorded to such musical activity not only in the most prominent Saintes-Chapelles (Paris, Dijon, Bourges, Chambéry), but also in the most humble ones (Châteaudun, Thouars, Aigueperse, Riom). In a Christian conception of the world, the term “Creation” was believed to be exercised primarily by God. But these foundations were in many respects “comprehensive works of art”, whose beauty was intended as a reflection of celestial harmony. An important characteristic of this project is the interdisciplinary approach it brings to the study of the sources: institutional (concerning the musical personnel, the …

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