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Colinet de Lannoys. Mass and Songs
Fabrice FITCH (éd.)
Paris, Klincksieck, 1999
Collection Épitome musical
ISBN 2-252-03215-4, 56 pages, 22 x 31 cm

Colinet de Lannoys is one of many fifteenth-century composers who enjoyed some renown in their own time, but of whom practically nothing is known today. His surviving output is limited to two short songs and three related Mass movements. The ascription to ‘Lanoys’ in a manuscript copied in Prague of a Credo and Sanctus was at first greeted cautiously on account of that source’s relatively late date and haphazard compilation. But in 1989, a concordance was identified through a fragmentary cycle, preserved in the Roman manuscript San Pietro B80, which had recently been studied by Rob C. Wegman. In view of that source’s closer proximity to those preserving Colinet’s songs, a reappraisal of the Mass suggested itself; and though it remains incomplete, its stylistic profile has sufficient points of contact with the songs to warrant the publication of all three works side by side.

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